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Praise for Bhakti Flow Yoga, A Training Guide for Practice and Life :

“Rusty Wells’ teachings have an unpredictable force to awaken new devotion and a deeper connection to Self.” – Baron Baptiste, author of Being of Power and Journey into Power

“Rusty Wells has become one of the significant modern voices of yoga because his profound personal practice has led him into a contemporary, passionate translation of many of the sacred threads of wisdom.” – Rodney Yee, author of Moving Toward Balance

“You can tell an enlightened teacher by how much joy flows through their being. Without a doubt, Rusty Wells is a joy-filled, compassionate being whose
devotion for life, yoga, and his students is awe-inspiring and contagious. Bhakti Flow Yoga is his generous heartfelt gift to all of us who crave more joy and kindness in our own lives and in the world that we all share.” – Sharon Gannon, author of Jivamukti Yoga
“This gorgeous book is an invitation to steep yourself in the essence of yoga and enter a most sublime journey. Rusty Wells is the celebrated visionary of Bhakti Flow Yoga and his words help to open the floodgates of devotion in all of us. Rusty is a luminous teacher who contributes to the great tradition of yoga through his devotional presence and empowering teachings. His teachings are joyful, revitalizing, and absolutely essential in today’s world. I look forward to seeing this book becoming an essential guide for yogis everywhere. Jai Ma!” – Sianna Sherman, creator of Mythic Yoga Flow.
“Rusty Wells’ humble yet profound insight will be tremendously helpful to anyone on the yoga path. Two thumbs up!” – Bryan Kest, founder of Santa Monica Power Yoga
“Rusty Wells’ long awaited book is filled with wisdom, joy, and love—just like Rusty himself!” – Jai Uttal, musician
“Bhakti Flow is simple and straightforward and serves as a stepping stone to a yoga and spirituality that has its roots in both Eastern and Western traditions. This book is practical, illuminating, and relevant for modern seekers.” – Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, spiritual head of the Himalayan Institute
“For Rusty, movements are prayers and teaching is a true service. His extensive knowledge along with his devotion are an inspiration to all of us.” – Elena Brower, author of Art of Attention and founder of VIRAYOGA
“Rusty’s huge heart and love for yoga is conveyed in Bhakti Flow Yoga. Yoga postures, stories of mythological India, chants and teaching tips all come together in this comprehensive heart-centered guide to the ancient yogic sciences from India. It’s a great read whether you’re a yoga teacher in-training, just starting a yoga practice, or merely want to be inspired in your daily life.” – Wah!, musician, author of Dedicating Your Life to Spirit.
“Bhakti Flow Yoga is an amazing guide on the yoga path. Rusty is an inspired teacher, and has done a wonderful job pouring his love and years of experience into this manual. A great resource for students and teachers alike.” – MC Yogi, hip hop musician and co-owner of Yoga Toes Studio