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“Rusty’s deeply loving yet unflinching standard of excellence inspired me to invest in this training in ways I haven’t felt motivated to in years. Yoga can be life changing on every level: spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological. Rusty’s training is truly an immersion in elevating our ability to embody those changes. As Rusty says, “yoga is relationship.” His training offers the precious opportunity to examine our relationship to everything and everyone we encounter, and learn how to teach what we have discovered. As we step into the role of teachers, Rusty does not accept anything less than our best, and then asks for a little more. This experience was beyond impactful. I will remember it forever and will continue to unpack its lessons for a long time to come. Remaining forever a student, I will be a better teacher, and hopefully a better human, as a result of this opportunity.”


Bhakti Flow Teacher Training


Update – June 18, 2020:

A 200-Hour Teacher Training will be announced soon. Most of this course will be available online and will be registered with Yoga Alliance

Bhakti Flow is a non-sectarian spiritual practice that focuses on the whole being – the body, mind and heart.

Although this program is ideal for yoga teacher training, it is also a leadership training course designed to help individuals tap into their abundant reservoir of inspiration so that they can help guide others towards a lifestyle of well-being and purpose.

Those who train with me (and my incomparable team) learn the language and tools of instruction along with the confidence it takes to share the teachings through their most authentic voice and in harmony with their own unique life experiences.

It is not an easy program. It requires an artful discipline and rewards the graduate with the very best qualities of compassionate and informed leadership. We all learn how to listen better in order to serve in the best possible way.

We teach how to teach, but we also make sure participants are equipped with a cursory understanding of yoga-anatomy and philosophy.

Because the very nature of Bhakti Flow encompasses music and song, we sing quite a bit throughout the training.

This 200-hour program meets the 200-hour requirements for Yoga Alliance, a registry organization.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program will be held primarily online but will still require the same demands of our renowned training programs typically hosted worldwide. Approximately 20% of this program will include in-person evaluations by senior affiliate teachers who are located in countries around the world. We will grant as much flexibility as possible making sure you are connected with just the right affiliate teachers.

Former participants are more than welcome to enroll for any reason, whether it’s for continuing education hours, picking up on new ideas, reexamining former studies, or simply to immerse themselves within a vibrant community for the precious duration of these unforgettable days – a fraction of your life that will stay with you forever while rocking your world in the here and now!

I hope this bit of information helps as you make your decisions about your own path towards a lifelong study of this sacred practice.

It is a blessing and an honor to be here with you now.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our program.


Rusty ~ Gopa




The Bhakti Flow Teacher Training created an awareness of how I relate to others and myself. It extended far beyond the reaches of asana practice and anatomy. Rusty has a wonderful talent for perception and he seems to use this skill to help people arrive at revealing personal questions. His theories do not tell us what to think but rather inspire us to submit to the process of examining our spirit, body, subconscious mind, interpersonal relationships and fears. I learned more about myself in a few months of studying with Rusty than I had previously learned in 5 years. By developing a personal awareness on a deeper level, I was empowered to be more confident and loving – more capable of holding space for other individuals in any context.

My family noticed a change in me that began during my Teacher Training. Things that used to frustrate me became less important and I began to value the expression of gratitude and love. By examining myself, I began to see that there was no use in placing fault on others.

From Rusty’s teaching, I was inspired to approach my family vacations as the excited tour-guide, family reunions as the humble server, and funerals as the unwavering supporter. There are no areas of my family relationships that haven’t been influenced by the understanding and practice of Bhakti yoga.

I teach English and yoga to children and adults of all ages in Spain. The Urban Flow Teacher Training taught me how to have confidence in my lesson plans but, perhaps more importantly, how to let go when things seem to fall apart. The ability to observe a classroom or a group of students and to approach them with love and service has helped me lead hundreds of students to a calmer classroom experience.

I work with a lot of people on a spiritual path and I try to help everyone know that they are exactly where they need to be. Teacher Training taught me that sometimes those of us with the most fear have the most work to do and that sometimes we just need to be have our beliefs challenged or validated – depending on the circumstances.

The Bhakti Flow Teacher Training was one of the most beautiful and mind opening experiences I have ever had. I feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people who are all following their dreams and leaders in their communities. Even if the invaluable practical and theoretical knowledge were removed from this training, the value of the connections and community I gained would have been well worth my time and effort. I will forever be grateful to Rusty and the Urban Flow team.

– A.R.

Rusty’s words and actions resonate.

As a yoga practicioner of over 20 years I’ve experienced quite a lot of different styles –

from Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram and Hot Power to Music. I love the combination of all of these forms

but wanted more!

I will never forget my first RUSTY class at Urban Flow. It encompassed all of the above and was magnified by a billion percent:))!!!

You see, I need to sweat in order to move my tight muscles. What’s better than of course listening to an incredible play list while stretching, lengthening and strengthening? Current, cutting edge, modern and sometimes even nostalgic tunes pump through his large, clean studio with beautifully polished hardwood floors. every single class is earth shattering and different!

After my first class I wanted more, no- demanded more for myself because it not only transformed me physically, it spoke to my mind and soul. To experience a class from RUSTY is not only physically challenging, but it’s mental and spiritual. From the beginning of class you’re questioned of your values, morals and why we are truly here – it’s not to look good physically, although that is a benefit, it’s to have responsibility to treat other’s well, to care for and to have compassion throughout everyday life.

I was fortunate enough to attend Urban Flow’s TT with Rusty last fall and once again it left me wanting more. The reason I personally took the training was to deepen my own practice, to gain more knowledge of the philosophy, RUSTY’S Bhakti style of yoga and to better understand the chants.

I’m very excited to hear that he is taking his teachings a step further and will be offering this new breed of classes. I, myself will benefit as well as others. Open your mind, open your heart and experience an amazing adventure.

We all need to ground ourselves in this crazy, anxious world. There is a shift that is happening globally and you have to ask yourself how you want to participate in this fast-paced changing world. What are our responsibilities as individuals and how can we make a difference? What we learn in class is moving, but what we do with this knowledge makes an extreme difference in society after we leave the class and are off the mat.


I recently moved to the Bay area from Madison, Wisconsin where I practiced yoga with a group of dedicated and marvelous yogis for the past five years. At some point in this journey I found a teacher that moved and inspired me and it turns out he was a pupil of Rusty Wells. I was inspired by my teacher’s confidence, strong voice and commitment to yoga.

Shortly after moving to the Bay Area, inspired by my Wisconsin yoga teacher, I found myself in Rusty’s Teacher Training. This was my first experience working with Rusty and the whole thing left me in awe. Rusty’s approach to teaching is brilliant. The concepts introduced in his teacher training: using voice through singing and chanting, leading a yoga class, tapping into my own confidence, and pushing through my comfort zone have transformed my life.

I work in an environment in which ego is not only expected, but encouraged and status changes how people are viewed and how people are treated and who has the power to make things happen. To be more than successful in my work environment, to flourish in fact, I have had to tap into my confidence in a huge way. Rusty’s training re-reminded me of my own confidence and charisma that I somehow lost during recent tribulations that happen in life. The training reminded me to be more self aware and accepting, and by doing that, trust myself and to be charismatic and confident in my life work.

I am lucky. I have a job that offers me an opportunity to lead others in finding a clear path to service. I teach undergraduate students how to apply classroom knowledge to address social justice issues. Rusty’s training taught me that in order to lift up this work I need to use my voice to advocate for what I know is right, and be creative in my strategy to provide a unique message of service and compassion. I now have tools to help me fulfill my own mission creatively while effectively leading and inspiring others to as well.

– S.G.

I wanted to reach out and share how studying and practicing at Urban Flow has developed my life .The studio and the style that is offered has helped me to truly open up my practice in life. I have found myself to be much more compassionate and forgiving, and yet in a way that is a don’t have it all figured out approach. I have been truly blessed to find a home in that space, like so many others.

Integrity itself means so many different things. To me it means not only doing what you say, but looking at the intention and, then skillfully share that. For example I was just recently accepted into a school that I would not have had the self-awareness or direction to be accepted. The teacher trainings at Urbanflow are created in a way if you on all levels do the work then there is something for everyone attending.

Even as I was writing this note it occurred to me that this practice has empowered me to speak up for equality and compassion. The most beautiful changes grow from inconvenient beginnings. I have a military background and this practice has helped me so much in peeling away the layers in such a healthy way. It has given me acceptance towards myself and others. This has allowed me to still honor and value the ones I hold dear in my heart and still taste the joy in all.

– M.P.

The Bhakti Flow Teacher Trainings have enriched and touched my life in ways I could never have imagined. My initial intention in signing up for the program was to learn how to better serve others in the yoga room, with more heart, authenticity and clarity of purpose.

I humbly believe this is all happening, and so much more.

Everything I have learned and absorbed in the Bhakti Flow Teacher Trainings is infusing into all aspects of my life, my thoughts, my actions, and my relationships, and I find myself becoming a leader with integrity and purpose.

Through the teachings that Rusty Wells offers and the practice and study of Bhakti Flow Yoga, I have learned to have more compassion and empathy for myself and all beings. I have become more conscious and aware of how I move through the world, and how my actions affect those around me. I more clearly see self-imposed limitations, patterns, and ways of being that do do not serve who I am in present time, and I mindfully work on letting these go.

Because of these trainings I have learned to be more okay with me, and to have less fear of expressing myself and speaking in front of others. I am more clear and efficient when communicating, and I am a better listener. Yes, I have found myself to be a more loving, authentic, and clear speaking yoga teacher, offering the message of Bhakti, but I am also a kinder and more patient mother and wife, a more empathic and supportive friend. I am truly of better service to all.

These trainings have helped me see that all are unique and have something special to offer. Rusty seems to see what we are all capable of, and somehow knows exactly what each student needs to support them in recognizing their unique gifts and in finding their voice. It is a gift to watch this unfolding in others as Rusty supports them- his perfect balance of firmness and gentleness is an unparalleled art.

Rusty does not tell students what to do or what to think, but rather guides them down the path of consciousness, setting high expectations, and always offering just the right amount of encouragement and love. Students are not told how to think, or who to be. They are supported as individuals. This compassionately- detached, and heartfelt support is helping me find my unique path and purpose, on my own, without clinging to or needing external validation. It is incredibly empowering.

I am a better me. I am of better service in the world. I am happier and more content, more disciplined and less rigid, more inspired and devoted to live a life of service. I am becoming a leader in all parts of my life because of the Bhakti Flow Teacher Training, and my continual practice of Bhakti Flow Yoga. Thank you to Rusty Wells for creating, and teaching such an amazing program that is incredibly transformational.

– C.M.